Safeguarding training with The A Team

Safeguarding shield
Professionals all have safeguarding training, why don’t the people themselves?
How can people recognise they are being abused if they don’t know what it is?
Care Act
Since the Care Act 2014 we are now all working together to give people power and help them make decisions so people themselves are at the heart of the safeguarding process.

who are the A Team

The A team are a team of trainers who have disabilities who offer training about keeping safe from harm to other people with disabilities

how we can help you


1 hour introduction

A chance to meet with people and their staff to discuss how safeguarding is provided and how we can all work together to make it better.

1 hour introduction + 1 day training

Building on our 1 hour introduction we will deliver a day of training based on your needs.
We will use creative training to enable people to understand what is abuse, who can hurt you and who to go to for help. Our sessions are a safe, creative space for people with all types of disabilities to share experiences, expectations and learn from each other.

training package

Our training package can help improve people’s understanding of safeguarding. We will work with you to create bespoke resources that reflect the needs of the people you support.
The package includes:
step 1: A detailed consultation session
step 2: We will work together with our easy read team to produce effective easy read materials based on your information
step 3: We will deliver training to you based on your easy read resource pack
The high quality resource pack is designed to:
  • be used by your organisation in 1:1 meetings
  • small group work, tenants meetings and staff training
  • enable you to work in partnership with safeguarding professionals in the borough to make their process more empowering
  • have sections for personal use by individuals
As our training is bespoke, costs will depend on hours, time period and training methods which we will agree together.
call or email

If you would like more information or would like us to provide you with a quote please contact us on 0345 310 1812 or