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Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Kent Artistic Spectrum newsletter

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Advocacy for All newsletter

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Advocacy in Sutton


Jon Wheeler, CEO, is delighted to announce that we have been successful in our recent bid for 2 advocacy contracts in Sutton.

The first is to support participation for adults and for children.

The second part is to deliver advocacy for the Care Act, professional, IMCA, RPR, Health Complaints.

Sutton logo

We will also be working in partnership with MAPs, a local organisation from the Sutton Volunteer centre, who will be delivering advocacy for Looked After Children and children’s advocacy.

The success of the bid was due to the excellent services and support our teams have provided in Sutton and we look forward to working alongside MAPs to continue to provide great support in Sutton.

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

having a voice in Bromley report

having a voice in Bromley
On Monday 10 October we held an conference called having a voice in Bromley to talk about about good and bad things that are happening in Bromley.
easy read
Our easy read group wrote a report about the things people said. We hope that the report will help services providers to make life better for people with disabilities in Bromley.
Please take the time to read our report and send us your comments about anything to do with your service.
  • email us on
  • write to us at
    Community House
    South Street
    Bromley BR1 1RH
having a voice report
You can also download our report here

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

having a voice in Bromley

having a voice in Bromley
On Monday 10 October we held an event called having a voice in Bromley to talk about what life in the borough is like for people with disabilities.
Hosts of event
The event was hosted by Laura, Adam and George and was attended by people with disabilties, people from the council, Bromley Mencap and other professionals.
People chose if they wanted to take part in workshops on transport, health, keeping safe or money. The workshops were a chance for people to talk about their experiences. People wrote down the good and bad things about services in Bromley.
easy read
Our easy read group are going to write a report about people's views which will shared with Bromley Council.
bingo Bromley Sparks role play
Members from our Speaking Up groups in Bromley took part in presenting the event:
  • Bromley Sparks members spoke about how the cuts to services in Bromley affected their lives. We wrote a report on this subject which you can download by clicking here
  • Keeping safe with the A team played a bingo game to introduce the work they do
  • Bromley Sparks did a role play called wonderful life about the changes they would like to see in Bromley
  • Young Advisers Bromley did a presentation about children's rights
Rob and Jenny from Bromley Council
Rob Vale from Trading Standards in Bromley gave a talk on how to keep your money and private information safe. Jenny Manchester, Public Information Officer at Bromley Council, spoke about lonliness. People had the chance to share their views and expereinces.
Bromley mencap presentation
Sarah Vinall and Caroline Stone from Bromley Mencap gave information on the services they provide for people with disabilties.
Lucy, member
We had a lot of speakers not forgetting the A Team presentation. It went well everyone had a lot to say. It was a lovely day.
video recorder
Click here to watch a video from the event filmed by Matthew from Young Advisers Bromley.

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Bromley Speaking Up Group

Bromley Speaking Up Group podcasts

Bromley Speaking Up Group have made their second podcast. Here the group talked about what services they rely on, what could be made better and what their life experience is. The three subjects are:
  • supported living
  • bullying at work
  • day centres, dial a ride
Click on the play buttons below to listen.

what is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show. The word podcast uses the words broadcast and iPod. They can be downloaded from the internet and listened to on a computer, mobile phone or an Mp3 player.

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

understanding mental capacity assessments

We have launched a pack for people with a learning disability to use on their own or with support before having a Mental Capacity Assessment.
Alison Community Links
The pack has information on:
  • The Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • what a mental capacity is
  • how the assessment is done and the help you can get
  • what happens if you cannot make a decision for yourself
  • how to use the pack
  • useful communication tools
  • useful links
Lisa Bromley Police
Our members who have a learning disability have been involved in every part of creating the pack to make sure that it is easy to understand.
Lisa Bromley Police
We also used different ways of communicating the information:
  • easy read
  • short role play videos
  • story boards for those who cannot read
mate crime
The pack can be used locally and nationally in paper or on the internet and is being shared with Bromley Council, other local authorities, health websites, other useful websites and families.
Stay Up Late Report
Click on the image on the left to download the pack
All videos can be viewed below or on our YouTube channel:

too early to tell

Jane's story

Joe's story

a hard choice

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

mate crime event and booklet

Greengoose logo
On Thursday 28 April we went to Bromley College to watch Greengoose do a performance about mate crime. The performers did their play. It was brilliant.
Alison Community Links
Alison from Community Links talked about mate crime. We had to write down ideas about reporting mate crime.
Lisa Bromley Police
Lisa London from Bromley police came and 4 other police officers. She talked about training. She said it is very important to tell the police about mate crime.
mate crime
We gave out copies of our mate crime booklet. Everyone thought it was very good. Please click on the image to the left to download the booklet.
The afternoon went very well. People stopped and chatted to each other they were making lots of plans about how to stop mate crime.
written by the Easy Read group

Kent Advocacy

Kent Advocacy
All advocacy is provided by Kent Advocacy from April 2016. SeAp will be the lead partner with other groups in the partnership providing the advocacy they have the most experience in.
Care Act
We will provide East Kent IMCA and RPR and Care Act Advocacy. We already do this and it means there will be little change for people.
referral form
Referrals to these services must now be made through Kent Advocacy. Please click on the referrals tab on the menu bar at the top of the page for more information.
Kent Advocacy will provide 4 legal advocacy services. These are
  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
  • Care Act Advocacy
  • NHS Health Complaints Advocacy
There will also be Community Advocacy which will be open to anyone who is vulnerable in Kent and needs some advocacy support. This will mean that there should not be any gaps and people will not be left out.
Every organisation will bring their experience and skills with them and these will be shared. We can all learn from each other.
Duncan presenting at Speaking Up Together 5 year celebration
Sarah Deason, Team manager
Access to advocacy in Kent is changing and seAp are delighted to be working with Advocacy for All to do this.  We have lots of other partners working with us too but you do not need to worry about which one might be able to help, we will make sure that you end up at the right one. Our new website from 1 April is or you can call us on 0300 34 35 714.

Kingston Advocacy Group

Kingston Advocacy Group
We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Kingston Advocacy Group (KAG) from April.
thumbs up
KAG started in 1988 and it is good to know that experienced groups are still providing advocacy.
We will be providing the Relevant Person's Representative (RPR) Service for them. You can find out more about this type of work by clicking on the IMCA tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
To read more about KAG please visit their website:
Duncan presenting at Speaking Up Together 5 year celebration
Sue, KAG
KAG has been providing advocacy services for over 27 years in the local community. From 1 April 2016 KAG is entering into a new phase by working with Advocacy for All to deliver some of the services in the Kingston borough.

We won The People's Projects

The People's Projects
We are extremely proud and thrilled to announce that our latest project Keeping Safe with The A Team won the public vote in ITV's The People's Projects competition.
people talking
Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us and helped us by spreading the word. We are very grateful to you all.
Thanks to you Keeping Safe with The A Team will receive £43,722 from Big Lottery Fund. This money means that The A Team can train and empower people with a learning disability to keep safe from abuse across London and nationally.
We are blown away by the support we received. It is brilliant to know that so many people believe so strongly in the amazing, life changing work The A Team do.
The A Team
There is a lot of work to be done and The A Team are ready to roll up their selves and get started!
A Team shield
Click here to find out more about the work The A Team do and how they can help you

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Speaking Up groups for people with autism in Kent

Kent newsletter
The winter issue of the Speaking Up in Kent newsletter is now out. Click on the image to download

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

Speak Up Sutton

Stay Up Late Report

Stay Up Late
Between May and December 2015, we talked to members, managers and support staff about Staying Up Late.
people talking
We visited 2 supported living homes and 1 residential home. We have also talked to members and staff at Nickel Support and the Sutton Mencap’s Tuesday club.
We asked people
  • what stops people staying out for as long as they want?
  • what would help people to stay out?
  • why is it important to help people Stay Up Late?
We wrote a report with what people said and information on
  • what the Stay Up Late campaign is
  • why it is important to support people to Stay Up Late
  • what the commissioned providers are doing to help people Stay Up Late
Stay Up Late Report
Click on the image to download and read our report

volunteer newsletter

volunteer newsletter
The winter issue issue of the volunteer newsletter is now out. Click on the image to download

News Archive

August 2015

Bigger voices - better lives

Bigger voices - better lives

We were pleased and excited to announce that we been awarded another 5 years funding from Big Lottery Fund to develop the Speaking Up Together project.

We need your help to raise £30,000 to save Community Advocacy in Bexley and Bromley.

Since the Community Advocacy project began we have supported over 2500 people with a learning disability or Autism in Bexley and Bromley to have their voices heard and rights protected during difficult times.

To continue to provide this valuable service for another year we need your help to raise £30,000. The demand for our service is high and if we do not have the money to keep it running there will be no other service to replace us.

Please contact us for more information on how you can help

July 2015

We announced that, following our assessment, we have been awarded the Quality Performance Mark for Advocacy.

This shows that we are working to a very high standard

QPM logo

Members of the Speaking Up Together project did mystery visits to 6 leisure centres in Bromley and Bexley.

This was to find out about the services and whether they were friendly and accessible for our members.

Cover of Mystery Visits report

May 2015

From 1 May 2015 Advocacy for All will provide the IMCA Service in

  • Bexley
  • Bromley
  • Greenwich
  • Lewisham

April 2015

Advocacy for All announces that from 1 April 2015 it will be providing Care Act Advocacy Services in

  • Kent
  • Bexley
  • Sutton in partnership with SEAP

January 2015

Bromley Sparks were asked to create an easy read book about disability hate crime.

  • what disability hate crime is
  • how to report disability hate crime
  • the effects of disability hate crime

Cover of Disability Hate Crime booklet

November 2014

On 11 November we held our 16th Annual General Meeting with a twist! The theme of the evening was 'The One off Advocacy Show' and brought together our

  • trustees
  • staff
  • members
  • volunteers
to show what we do as an organisation and how we work.

Question Time report

July 2014

Members of our speaking up groups met with a panel of local experts to ask them questions about community life in Bromley and Bexley.

Question Time report

July 2014

Advocacy for All are very pleased to say that we have been awarded the contract for the 'User Involvement Service for People with a Learning Disability' in Sutton. You can find more information on our self advocacy page

June 2014

Advocacy for All is delighted to announce a further 3 years' funding totalling £93,030 from Children in Need. We will support young people with a learning disability and/or Autismexpress their views and reach their goals. advocacy page

April 2014

The Bromley Sparks fundraising team applied to Santander Bank's Community Plus programme asking for a donation, and the Foundation kindly offered to fund the 'Sparks Place' office in Community House for a whole year. Thank you very much Santander!

March 2014

Bromley Speaking Up Group produced the Being Independent report.

Being Independent

August 2013

Cathie ready to swim

Cathie James, a volunteer supporter with Advocacy for All, took the plunge in the Great London Swim to raise money for Bromley Sparks. She completed a mile in the Thames in 54 minutes 29 seconds.

April 2013

Advocacy for All put together a report based on the questions we asked older people in Bexley about their experiences.

Older people in Bexley speak up

March 2013

Bromley Speaking Up Group produced the It's my life! report.

It's my life!

November 2012

Thank you to everybody who attended our 14th AGM on 20 November.

Company members: Please click the picture to download the minutes of the adjourned formal company AGM. AGM minutes The approved accounts can also be downloaded here.

September 2012

Thank you to The Sticklebacks who performed another concert in aid of Bromley Sparks.

The Sticklebacks

The Sticklebacks give their time voluntarily and we are very grateful for their support.

August 2012

The GO4IT pilot project, launched by our Advocate 4 Health project, came to an end.

Here is the final report from the project. It is about what the project achieved and its recommendations for the future.

GO4IT project report

May 2012

Sponsored walk

Thank you to everyone who supported the second Bromley Sparks sponsored walk.

It was a great success and raised £1587 for Sparks Place in Community House.

April 2012

Kent County Council awarded us the contract for advocacy for people with a learning disability in Kent.

Please click here to see our reports on this service.

Kent County Council logo

March 2012

Bromley Sparks wrote this report about how safe they feel in Bromley borough. Please click on the picture to see the report.

How Safe do you Feel in Bromley front page

February 2012

Autism in Maturity project launched.

Members of our Bromley Speaking Up Group group met with managers to talk about supported living then wrote this report. Please click on the picture to see the report.

Supported Living Managers report front page

The Advocate 4 Health Steering Group spoke to doctors about learning disability.

Please click on the picture to see the report they wrote about their experiences with their doctors.

Talking with doctors front page

January 2012

Our Speaking Up in School group members wrote a report about the Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Partnership Board report front page

The Young Advisers group visited some of Bromley Council's summer projects for young people with a disability, and produced this report about it.

Young Advisers Summer Projects report

November 2011

Thank you to everybody who attended our 13th AGM on 15 November.

October 2011

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us or came along to support our Swimathon on 11 October, and a special thank you to the staff, people with learning difficulties, volunteers and supporters who swam to raise much needed money for Advocacy for All. The total raised was over £1500.

Thank you to Parkwood Leisure for giving us the pool free and for all their help and support on the evening.

Volunteers, staff and trustees attended our BIG meeting on 5 October, to talk about the Advocacy for All, where we are and how we can improve the it.

The ideas and suggestions that came out of the meeting have been added to our action plan.

September 2011

Once again Bromley band The Sticklebacks performed in aid of Bromley Sparks.

They were supported by The Rubber Band.

The Sticklebacks

Over £650 was raised and we are very grateful to the Sticklebacks who give their time voluntarily to support Bromley Sparks and to everybody who bought tickets and to the HG Wells Centre committee for their support.

Lions Club logo

Bromley Lions Quiz Night for Bromley Sparks raised £516 for Bromley Sparks on 8 September.

Thank you to everybody who attended, to Bromley Lions for organising and to Sundridge Park Working Mens Club who let us use one of their rooms free of charge.

July 2011

Bromley Sparks helped Bromley Football Club launch 'Choosing Activity'.

Big Lottery Fund Awards for All logo Bromley Football Club logo

'Choosing Activity' is an interactive sports and active lifestyle guide for people with a learning disability in Bromley, which has been put together thanks to £10,000 of Big Lottery funding. The guide aims to educate, engage and encourage people with a disability when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and includes a leisure directory for everyone with a disability living in the Bromley area.

The content was translated into easy read by members of Bromley Sparks, one of Advocacy for All's self advocacy groups. More...

May 2011

On May 25 we held an open day to launch Advocacy for All, the new name for Bexley and Bromley Advocacy. The new name was officially launched by the Mayor of Bexley, Councillor Ray Sams.

Please click on the picture to see our report about the open day.

Bromley Sparks easy read group produced this report about the Bromley Primary Care Trust.

Please click on the picture to see the report.

April 2011

Our self advocacy projects joined together at the Bromley Sparks AGM to launch Speaking Up Together, a bigger voice for people with a learning difficulty.

March 2011

BBC Children in Need

Children in Need funded our Young People's Advocacy project for another 3 years.

This means more young people with a learning disability will be able to make choices about what they do now and in the future.

November 2010

James Cleverly

We were very pleased to announce that James Cleverly, who is the London assembly member for Bexley and Bromley, agreed to be our patron. James has been a supporter of our work for a while, you can see what he says about us on his blog.

Our Annual General Meeting and celebration was held on 16 November 2010.

The event was a celebration of all of Advocacy for All's work over the past year, and a way of publicly thanking the volunteers, staff and friends who contribute to our success.

Please contact us if you would like to see any of the AGM papers.

September 2010

Bromley band and local legends The Sticklebacks performed at the HG Wells Centre, Bromley. They were supported by The Rubber Band and Giving Away A Mile.

The Sticklebacks

The concert was a benefit for Bromley Sparks, one of Advocacy for All's self advocacy groups.

Our thanks to all 3 bands, and to everyone who came along to support us.

August 2010

The GO4IT pilot project was launched by our Advocate 4 Health project, commissioned by Bromley Staying Healthy Partnership. The aim of the project was to engage people with a learning disability, who fell outside of the Fair Access to Care criteria, in exercise.

GO4IT project report

July 2010

The Advocate 4 Health project launched a DVD called "Staying Healthy" at the Brixton Ritzy Cinema. The DVD was made by adults with a learning difficulty.

Advocate for Health group making DVD

Advocate 4 Health is run by Bexley and Bromley Advocacy and is funded by London Councils until 2012. It covers the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Croydon, Sutton and Wandsworth. The DVD work was funded by the Big Lottery.

Members with a learning difficulty took on all roles of production from research, to camera, to the final editing.

March 2010

James Cleverly, London Assembly member for Bexley and Bromley, invited members of Advocacy for All's Speaking Up Groups to attend Mayor's Question Time at City Hall. Members found it very interesting and were particularly interested in questions about transport for disabled people and recycling. James met with the group after the meeting.

James Cleverly and Speaking Up group members


No events coming up in the near future